Selwyn Pukekohe



The Pukekohe Selwyn Centre, part of the Selwyn Foundation, is a twice-weekly social morning for people aged 

65+.  Selwyn combines a gentle exercise programme, designed to improve mobility and prevent arthritis, with
social activities and games in a fun, friendly atmosphere. Morning tea is provided and special events are organised
 throughout the year, especially at Easter & Christmas. Those attending enjoy peer companionship along with 
spiritual support when needed – sensitively addressing issues such as ageing and dying. 


Where & When? 

Selwyn is run every Tuesday & Thursday throughout the year from 9:15am until 11:30am. The programme is run in the Pukekohe Anglican Church hall, on the corner of Wesley & Queen streets in Pukekohe. You can find us via Google Maps, here.

Transport can also be arranged within the Pukekohe area.  

How much does it cost? 

Morning tea ($2) and lunch ($5, Tuesdays only) are available for all, with no advance notice required. 

How can I join? 

Simply turn up to the Pukekohe Anglican Church hall on a Tuesday or Thursday morning to attend one of the sessions, or contact us in advance to discuss the programme and your needs. 


Jo O'Malley -  Selwyn Programme Coordinator

Jo can be contacted on 027 469 6865, via the Office on 09 2387723 or


"Fun, good company" 

 "A lovely morning using our minds & good conversation” 

"Nice to enjoy a game and a chat" 


"For the elderly it provides an outing, variety and intellectual stimulation for people whose lives and facilities can
be quite restricted. It gives them interaction with people outside the home and encouraged them to do exercises
 which assists in maintaining mobility. For their caregivers it is a welcome break from always needing to be around
and available. Providing a main meal is another commitment the caregiver doesn’t have to do.”